Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Is This? A Blog Post?!

Hello dear blogging buddies!
I am so sorry for my lack of blog posts lately. I have had so much on my plate lately.
I am hoping now that the holidays are coming to a close, I'll have a little more time to thrift and blog.
I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday and was able to spend time with your precious loved ones.
We had a terrific day! Hubby did very good this year! :)
Trying to make a 4 year old happy is a such a task, but I believe she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

I was supposed to have my 2nd ultrasound today. However, due to a conflict in holiday pay at work, I had to reschedule. It all worked out well though. My new appointment date is December 31st. Since my husband has a very demanding job, he is unable to attend most doctor appointments. Huge bummer! We both have December 31st off from work, so he'll be able to make it! We are so excited to see our little one!
He/she now looks less like an alien and more like a baby! :)

I want to thank all of you for being patient in my absence. I noticed I have a few new followers. Thank you for keeping up tabs on Old Fashioned Days! I can't wait to share my love of vintage with you!

Please check back very soon. ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Simplest Sense

Like many of you, I have been very broken-hearted all weekend.
I have gone through many emotions. Crying, silence and anger.
I know many folks have said this is no time to bring up politics or any sort of political agenda. I absolutely agree.
I have never used this blog as an political outlet. In my opinion, that's not why I started this blog. However, I feel very strong about necessary steps on stabilizing mental health and keeping our schools as safe and secure as possible.
Like many things as a nation, the tools and resources necessary to do so could take many years to achieve.
I have my opinions of what needs to be done to reach a safer place for learning. But again, instead of stating those on my blog, I would rather say my heart goes out to the families and community of Newtown, CT.
You will not struggle alone.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hark! Do I See Vintage Christmas?

Between a busy holiday season and being ill, time has really caught up to my little blog.
I appreciate all of your sweet comments about our little bundle.
He/she isn't so much a jelly bean anymore. I am 10 weeks as of yesterday. Bean is more like a prune now.
Isn't it funny how a fetus is described by food?
I find myself wanting to hurry December up more and more. I get to see my little prune again December 26th! I can't wait!
The more I see this Santa on my front door, the more he creeps me out. "He sees you when your sleeping, he knows where you're awake" has a new meaning now.
I love this little black shelf. I can always count on it to display things nicely.
This vintage Christmas plate was a thrifted find this past summer. Isn't the big red bow in the little girls hair so sweet? How excited is he about his new bow?
Another new addition is this Holt Howard mug. Found at my favorite thrift store.
I made this framed button Christmas tree out of my mother's vintage buttons. I got this idea from the very talented Carlene @ Organized Clutter. I think it turned out pretty cute!
Sweet vintage Christmas card for my hubby. I found it at an antique store last year.
I love his fluffy beard. The fur on this card is still very soft. The inside is signed, "With love always, Lou."
My pine cone elves have found themselves a comfy spot on my mantle this Christmas. Thanks to Elizabeth @ Creative Breathing.
I thought I'd give y'all a sneak peak at our lovely tree this year.
I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday season. Now that I am no longer sick, I think we're going to tackle gift buying this weekend. Wish us luck! The stores are going to be a madhouse!
Happy Tuesday and happy thrifting!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Is that the heartbeat?"

I had an amazing day yesterday!
I went to the baby doctor!!!
I had no idea that I was far along enough to hear the heartbeat...but we did!
I can not describe the amount of joy that went souring through me when I saw and heard his/her heartbeat.
I feel like my entire perspective on life has completely changed - just since hearing the pitter patter of God's little blessing! Today I am 8wks 4 days. Our little jelly bean has a heartbeat of 182 bpm and I am due July 7th!
 I am still on cloud 9 :)
 (See the end of this post for pics of our little blessing)

I FINALLY finished decorating! It only took me 4 days!! Ha! :)
This hutch belonged to my mother. She bought it when I was very young from an antique store in Glendale, Kentucky. I begged my father for it a few years ago and he finally caved. I'm so glad  he generously gave it to me. Not only has it been a focal point in our living room but it is a memory of my beautiful mother.
I had considered stripping and painting it a couple of years ago but I am so glad I didn't!
It's rustic look is what makes it an attractive piece of history. I love it so!

This little shelf hangs near my couch. I love her bright red cheerfulness!
The ever-so popular Empire Santa blow mold!
Isn't he such a cutie?
I love this little tree. I sit it in this wooden planter every year. I think it's the perfect place for it.

Our little jelly bean made his/her debut yesterday!
Such a proud mama! :) I get to see him/her again the day after Christmas!!

Happy Thursday and happy thrifting!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

It has been nothing short of chaos in my little household the last couple of weeks.
We are putting the bedroom swap on hold temporarily.
We had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I hope you did too! Unfortunately, we spent Thanksgiving weekend being sick!
I've had a terrible head cold, my husband had a stomach virus and my step daughter kept complaining of pains in her legs. I'm assuming were growing pains. Poor thing!
We did however manage to get our tree up before any of us got really sick.
I am still putting finishing details on the house and tree, but I do have a couple areas of our home to show you!
This is the quilt which hangs near our sitting area.
I feel like this area is missing something. I am always tweaking my displays...Christmas displays are no different. I'm sure by Christmas morning this area will have changed a million more times!
Pepper Santa has been gone for quite some time. I always feel bad putting Salt Santa out by himself. But, I think he'd rather watch me cook than sit in a tote all winter!
Doesn't the aqua and red look fantastic together?!
I love these Lefton choir boys. How sweet is the Santa bell? He's severely cracked on the back. I hope he'll last many more Christmases without the glue gun!
Like how I positioned Rudolph? I picture him saying, "say what Mr. Rocking Horse!"
Coca Cola crate shelf.
I love these Lefton angel candle holders. So sweet!
These poor elves are losing their clothes! At least they're aging beautifully!
Snowgal bell I picked up this year at a thrift store, a not-so-vintage poinsettia tin and Santa with an umbrella! Don't you just love kitsch?!
Gifted carolers music figurine. Thanks Penny! :)
Fire King Jadeite bubble bowl full of Shiny Brites and Santa's!

A couple of weeks ago I received a comment from Jann @ Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson. She told me she had recently found a Pyrex Butterfly Gold gravy boat. She wanted to gift it to me! How sweet is that?! She even made sure I received it before Thanksgiving!
If you've never checked out Jann's blog, please do! She hosts Share Your Cup Thursday every week.
Thank you so much Jann! You are too sweet!
Happy Tuesday and happy thrifting!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a very simple day tomorrow! How many of us can say that?
I had planned to make a huge dinner, but it turns out some family members have other plans this year and my house wasn't required for the extra space.
Although I will miss them terribly, I am happy to skip the stress this year.
My only obligations...sweet potato casserole, blueberry delight and 3 - 2 liters! lol
How simple is that shopping list?!
The one HUGE drawback to not cooking this year - no left overs! :(

Ladies, make sure you use your Pyrex! :)
From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Christmas Advertisements

Hello my blogging buddies! Life has been very busy this past week.
I have started nesting! :)
We are clearing out my husbands former man cave (sorry dear) and turning it into my step daughter's bedroom. She's so excited to be switching bedrooms. She feels like a big girl having her bedroom on the other side of the house. Lol! After that tedious task is done, we will then convert her now bedroom into the nursery!
I'm still in my 1st trimester and I know it's a little early to start all of this. I feel the need to take advantage of the sudden bursts of energy I get. I want to accomplish as much as I can, while I can!
I never know when I'm going to feel couch bound with no energy!

I've also had some time to get a little thrifting done. Alas, I have no pics to share with you today.
I will definitely be sharing my finds with you this week though! Along with a couple of projects I have completed...finally!
However, I thought I'd share some sweet vintage Christmas advertisements to get you in the Christmas spirit....if you needed it ;)
Mmm...what I wouldn't do for a box of Whitman's chocolates right about now!
Do you think she realizes her turkey is hanging out of the basket? haha
How funny is the blonde gal's facial expression?
One of my favorite vintage ad's ever!
Maybe I'll leave Santa a nicotine patch along with his cookies and milk this year!
Psst...hubby! Just in time for Christmas giving....
Happy Monday and happy thrifting!