Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Big timin' in a Small Town

My husband and I just recently took a mini road trip to Smithland, Ky. We drove there to purchase our 1957 Deville Travel Trailer. Along the way we stopped in a little town called Princeton. Man on man were we excited! They had 3 of the coolest antique stores! We found all kinds of goodies. I snapped a few pics along the way ;)

Newsom's Aged Kentucky Ham! The store was so amazing. It was built in 1850 and still has the old time feel. I got to meet Nancy, "the ham lady".

They had a huge selection of jams, bar-b-ques and marinades.

Not to mention woven baskets full of bulk items like potatoes, beans and various herbs.
You can place an order on Newsom's website to sample their delicious hams, bacon, sausages, etc. Just visit them here,

We also found an adorable cupcake shop called. Mrs. McLovets' Cupcakes. We spoke with the owners for several minutes about the history of Princeton and what all the town had to offer. Honestly, I could barely concentrate on our conversation from the sweet goodness oozing out of that tiny shop. I almost had a sugar meltdown! After much deliberation, hubs and I finally decided on a half dozen of their mini-masterpieces. We chose...*drumroll please*...1 wedding cake...1 carrot cake (my personal favorite)...1 red velvet...2 Oreo...and 1 root beer float. Pay no attention to the missing pieces...I couldn't help myself!!!
You can visit Mrs. McLovets' when passing through Princeton, Ky or by the ol' inter-web.

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