Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Pyrex wishlist ♥

I have long admired all and any Pyrex I have come across. I am not a snob to any 'un-popular' patterns. I love all Pyrex the same. Of course we all have our favorites... I own only a couple of my favorite patterns/colors :(

This is my wish list...

I have yellow and green of the primary colors nesting bowls. Almost there!

I have 0 friendship Pyrex...I desperately want any I can put my hands on!

I want a complete set of ALL butterprint! Butterprint reminds me of my momma!

I LOVE the New Dot Polka Dot mixing bowls. I saw an incomplete set last weekend while I was thrifting. They were asking $15 for blue and red. Why didn't I buy them?!?!

I love butterprint and I love it's only natural that one of my favorite Pyrex patterns is pink butterprint, right? Right! I would love to happen upon a cinderella mixing bowl!

I am determined to make my wish list a reality. It may take time and a lot of picking through things I don't want to even touch...but as God as my witness, I will have my Pyrex!  :)


vintage grey said...

Oh, these are all so lovely!! I wish to have a collection just like this!! xo Heather

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

LOL Yes, my wish list is VERY similar. I DID find my primary set in mint condition for $40! So I was happy with that. Otherwise...I still need everything on your list! :) Good Luck!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I've only found one good piece of pyrex at the thrifts around here! there's plenty at the antique malls but...

K Jones said...

sadly pink butterprint cinderella mixing bowls dont exist. They only made the pink casseroles.