Friday, September 28, 2012

Giveaway at Lovely Little Handmades

If you haven't REALLY need to visit Kerri @ Lovely Little Handmades
She is giving away a fat quarter bundle of these fantastically gorgeous Japanese fabrics...

Can  you believe these fabrics?! Aren't they the sweetest things you've ever seen?!
Make sure you enter this giveaway ASAP, it ends September 30th!

You can follow Lovely Little Handmades HERE or visit her adorable Etsy shop HERE.


Monday, September 24, 2012

An Infinite Love For Vintage

Oh how I love the feeling of walking into an antique/thrift store. The smell of "old" in the air.
The little old lady that sits behind that counter and greets you with the same 
adorable smile. I couldn't imagine buying anything other than vintage.

3 Flamingo Pink Pyrex saucers. So cute! I can't wait to display them with my 
other pink Pyrex. 2.00 for all.
1953 Children's Christmas book. 
This beauty is filled with so many sweet images.
Take a gander...
Santa filling stockings...making sure not to wake up the little boys and girls...
Mama and children carefully placing wonderful trimmings...
This lovely book even includes Christmas songs! 
Silent Night, Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells :)1.00.
1963 Casper The Friendly Ghost children's book.
More gorgeous images. Come see...
How cute is Casper?! Learning ghostly ways...
He sure scared em' this time! 1.00.
Vintage Christmas tablecloth. Aren't those poinsettia's to die for?! I can't wait to show you my new
1940's retro table and chairs I just purchased last weekend! It needs a little cleaning, but it should be ready to move in from the garage soon.
I can't wait to throw this beauty on it for Christmas! 3.50.
I have finally found one!!! 1965, 3rd edition,
Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook! 2.00.
I spy, with my little eye...something vintage and blue! Yep, that's an Hazel Atlas striped tumbler! you see it? I knew you would! Don't you love it when you 
spot Pyrex? :)
Speaking of...I scored this 1 1/2 quart divided Constellation Pyrex dish w/ lid. 
I spent a little more than I normally would, but I love this pattern and it's my first!

I sure hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Fall weather! 
We thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend outdoors!
Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Treasures & Gifted Vintage Cookbooks

Wow! It has been absolutely gorgeous this week! 
Isn't funny how just a short couple months ago we were miserably hot...And now Fall has finally arrived! So lovely! The leaves on our front yard tree have started to turn a beautiful golden yellow. 
The birds are visiting their bird house more often.
And the night has opened up to beautiful clear skies.
I went thrifting the other day and found so many lovely things. I couldn't wait to share them with you! 

I found this beautiful Sunflower 1qt. vintage Pyrex dish hiding inside some terrible looking ovenware.
I saw it's bright, lively color peaking through the drab off-white casserole 1990's dishware. Thank goodness I noticed it or else it may have never been saved! :) 3.50.
Vintage flower frog, .69. 
My mother's senior picture. Wasn't she a fox?!
Mr. and Mrs. Claus need a bath! 
This summer a friend and myself went yard saling. I totally forgot about this little duo until I went into my craft/junk room last week. 
1.00 at an estate sale.
Pink-Speckled Desert Dawn Pyrex 8" pie plate. 7.50. I splurged on this little lady. 
Again, my Pyrexia grabbed a hold of me and made me do it!
Hubby and I went to a local flea market a couple of weekends ago. I spied this little lamb planter.
I bought it for a 1.00. It will go great with this planter. :)
"NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!" Lol! Sorry...I had to do it.
Vintage apron, 2.00. I can't wait to make all kinds of Christmas goodies wearing this!
Just look at this beautifully vintage tablecloth! She makes mama proud :) 2.99. 
Baby Boy got a paint job. I think he'll look adorable in a baby's room :)

A couple of months ago I posted about my vintage utility Cosco cart I got while yard saling. 
In that post I had mentioned I was in serious need of some more cookbooks.
I received a comment saying if I really wanted some more vintage cookbooks - I could have them!
I was so excited!
This sweet offer came from my blogging buddy, Valerie over @ Vonlipi's Favorites.
I absolutely love these cookbooks! Hubby and I have already tried a few recipes.
It's funny to see how much FOOD has changed along with the times.
 They range in years from 1968 - 1974. 
I can't wait to try more of these fun, old recipes!
And, I think they look pretty darn adorable on my utility cart.
Hey, look! They're even kitty cat approved! She's such a camera hog! :)

Thank you Valerie! You are one sweet gal! I can't wait to return the gesture!
Make sure you check out her blog! 
She is an avid blogger with TONS of vintage Pyrex scores. Not to mention has an hilarious sense of humor!
And she lives in beautiful Montreal, Canada! Swoon...

I hope you all are having an amazing, vintage-y week! 
God bless! :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vintage Goodies

It has been awhile since I've posted anything! This is my first post of September...and it's almost the middle of the month!!!
I haven't really had the time to thrift lately, but I have picked up a few things here and there. 

 Isn't this cherries tin the cutest?! I picked it up at a thrift store for .50.
 This lantern was just staring me down as I made my way through an antique mall. I finally just placed him in my buggy and realized I was his new adoptive mother! 2.50.
These playing cards were gifted to me by my Husbands Uncle. He knows I am an avid vintage hound and brought these to me. They look early to mid 60's to me. What do you think?
I found this cross-stitch piece at a thrift store for .50. It had a horrible frame - black and brass, ick! And the matte was an ugly off white. I gave them both a paint job. I think it turned out sweet! 
 How totally adorable is this picture? I found this at the same thrift store I found the cross-stitch. It was .50 as well. I also gave this pic a paint job. The original frame color was a chipped up white. 

I hope everyone is doing well! I will try not to stay away so long again! :)
Have a wonderful and blessed Wednesday!