Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Any Suggestions?

Howdy there my blogging buddies!
I am making a trip up to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks and I need your help.
Does anyone know of any sweet thrift stores in the Milford/Loveland area?
Very rarely when I go to visit family in Ohio do I have the time
to do a little shopping.
This trip, I will be spending a few days there. So, I should have
plenty of time to sneak out and visit some local stores!
I think most of you know I am more into the home decor vintage and not so much into
vintage clothing.
I did a search for thrift stores in that area and I seem to be coming up with mainly
vintage clothing shops.
I know someone HAS to know of a diamond in the rough somewhere! :)
Any help would be very appreciated!

Happy Thrifting everyone!


ThrifterSisters said...

Since I live in Oregon, I obviously can't help you out in regards of where to thrift in Ohio. But I am very envious of the fact that you get to thrift in a new area! Can't wait to see what you find.


Shirley Hatfield said...

Thank you so much for visiting me today...I do a happy dance when I see a comment from a new person! I have become a follower...I think we have a lot of vintage love in common!

A Vintage Chic said...

Can't help you with that--sorry! Would love to go thrifting in Ohio, though--I'm jealous!

Just found your blog--I'm a vintage-loving girl, too & love finding others, so I'll be following along.

Hope you find lots of treasures while you're there!


sweetvintageofmine said...

Well now, you're gonna be in my neck of the woods! YES, there is a cute downtown to LOVELAND and there are a few antique stores and a couple of thrift stores near downtown Milford! Get off of 275 milford exit (i believe there is 2 of them) They will get you to downtown Milford. Very quaint area. Ask people in antique malls where to direct to thrift stores....hope you have FUN!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Sorry My Old Fashion Friend....never been there but hope you have fun and find lots of vintage goodies....Blessings Francine.

Pam said...

I'm popping over from a link on Colorado Lady. I just love the graphics on your blog. Very cute. As for thrift stores, I am in Ohio, but farther North so no suggestions. Although Goodwill, Volunteers of America and Salvation Army are big ones up here. Have fun!