Monday, October 22, 2012

Glendale Crossing Festival

This past Saturday I took a trip about 20 minutes from my house to a little town called Glendale.
Glendale is set back in good ol' Kentucky farm land where beautiful landscapes are
not hard to be found.
I started visiting Glendale with my mother when I was a small child.
It is from her where I found my love of antiques and vintage.
We would make a day of visiting Glendale.
Shopping, lunch and admiring the beauty Glendale has to offer.

Glendale's history is raw in nature. They have a special zoning regulation that keeps out businesses such as fast food restaurant chains from its core downtown business area. Thus giving it it's old-time appeal.
Speaking to the 'locals' over the years, I have heard at one point the ONLY business Glendale had was a general store. That general store is still standing today. Although it has been turned into an antique/craft store front, the new owners have never changed its general store appearance.

Every 3rd Saturday of October they hold their fall festival called Glendale Crossing Festival.
I bought quite a few things from the festival. I will break my new finds up into 2 or 3 posts.

Here are a few pics I nabbed from the web of Glendale.

Green Top Antiques is relatively new to Glendale. They have a ton of goodies!
Bennie's Barn Antique Mall is definitely my favorite shop in Glendale! The owners are very sweet and so are the booths! Here's a couple...
Fiestaware and Fire King Jadeite!!! Oh la la!
Old General Store turned antique store. They have to-die-for quilts!
Please promise me! If you ever visit Glendale, Kentucky, you have to eat at The Whistle Stop.
Their food is DEFINITELY amazing. Be sure to try the fried green tomatoes or fried pickles!
Make sure you wear your sweat pants before you eat or you'll be unbuttoning your pants after your delicious meal!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


craftyles said...

What a cute town and festival. Looks like many treasures. The fries green tomatoes look awesome. There was a similar small town near us, when I was growing up and you brought back some fond memories of my Mom and I spending the day at our little town.

D said...

Oh, all of those shops looks so interesting. What a neat town. And I love fried gr. tomatoes.

Shelia said...

Oh, that's a darling little town and the shopping looks wonderful. I could do some damage in the shop with all of the dishes.
Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;0

Lottie Lee said...

Goodness Gracious look at all of that Fiestaware! I want to visit Glendale SO badly now! What an absolutely adorable town and festival! I actually just google-mapped it to see how far it is from our house in Missouri. I DEFINITELY need to visit there some day!

Keep up the lovely work with your posts!

Stay Glamorous!
xxxLottie Lee

Old Fashioned Gal said...

If and when you make the trip, get ahold of me! I love shopping dates! :)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi...what wonderful all the Jadeite....Wow...Sweet much fun...Thanks for showing me around...Blessings Francine.

Perfectly Printed said...

Sure looks like you have some fun shops!! I love jadite too!! I am a new follower!!


vintage grey said...

What a sweet town to visit!! Such fun! Pretty jadeite!! xo Heather

Melissa said...

Love small town festivals! I just finished being a vendor during the Covered Bridge Festival here in Parke County, Indiana. :)

E said...

Hi, I just found you, have been to the festival in Bardstown, but never Glendale looks like I neeeed to :) My cousin had (has?)a booth at Whistle Stop she sells "fancy" glass and dishes my love is vintage Christmas. See you in blogland, Elaine