Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Update!

Hi there blogging buddies! I have slacked on updating all of you on my pregnancy. I am very sorry. Life is nothing short of hectic right now.
On May 15th I was told by my doctor that Easton is measuring bigger than he was before. I was supposed to be 32 weeks at that appointment but I was measuring 34 weeks!
I see my doctor this afternoon. I'll be getting an ultrasound to get an idea of how big he really is.
If he is still developing quickly, they'll change my due date.
I have dropped significantly in the last week. I am feeling a lot of pressure all of the time and when I stand up I feel like he's going to fall out!!!
There is a possibility that if he is very big, they will induce me between 38 and 39 weeks.
With that said, it is very likely little Easton will be here a lot sooner than we had originally thought!
I just wanted to let all of you know the status of my not-so-little peanut.
Thanks for all of your comments and emails concerning my pregnancy! You are all such wonderful gals!
I will be sure to update again soon!

Happy thrifting!


vintage grey said...

Hi Denise,
So good to hear from you!! Wow, he is growing fast!! Look forward to hearing when Easton arrives!! Take care and have a lovely week! xo Heather

Jill said...

Best Wishes to you and your little family!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I'm so happy for you! Thank you for keeping us updated! Sounds like your baby boy will be here before you know it!
Take Care,
Erica :)

ThrifterSisters said...

Eeeek! Keep us posted for sure! I'm so excited for you:-)


barbandemily said...

So good to see your post. How exciting! Good wishes - be well!

Melissa said...

Yeah for having the baby a bit sooner than you previously thought, I'm sure you're more than ready! And it sounds like he's just about done!
So excited for you!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh my! I had that "fall out" feeling with my last pregnancy. With that pregnancy, I finally realized why women complained! I breezed through my other pregnancies and thought those other women were "whiners". Ha-ha!

Hey, no pressure about a swap, okay?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well that's good news! I remember the 'baby will fall out of me' feeling...not so much fun. Still your sweet baby Easton will be here before you know it!